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I couldn't hear the exact conversation but I did see the incident which led to this moment. Body language can speak volumes as well. The man sitting with his head hanging was walking in front of the police cruiser when he stopped and positioned himself in such a way that it appeared he was preparing to "moon" or show his buttocks to the officer, as many walking past this scene laughed and cheered, egging him on. The officer got on his loudspeaker and told the man that if he did show his booty, he'd be going to jail. The man dropped his pants but stopped just short of pulling his underwear down and he didn't seem to be taking the officer very seriously, so, the officer got out and had a little talk with the man. At this point the woman seen here did what women often do in these situations; She intervened to get him out of the trouble that he'd provoked. Here she discusses the situation with the officer, while the man wisely keeps his mouth shut and lets her handle it. Eventually the officer let him go without a citation.