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San Francisco

June 8, 2004

For some people show business is just in the blood and protests are a natural theatre. This performance artist, who called herself Mira Bai Lullaby, is about to be arrested so she isn't going anywhere, except to jail because she is surrounded by cops, so perhaps she decided to take advantage of what is by default a "captive" audience.

Here she gives a kind of puppet show, presenting her version of the events leading up to and including the current war in Iraq, apparently for the benefit of the officers guarding her.

She used chocolate syrup to represent oil, yellow cigarette packages for the twin towers, plastic cowboy and Indian figures for Iraqis, plastic army men for U.S. soldiers and flour for anthrax, as she played out a story of a president using fear of terrorism to persue a war for oil.

If the officers liked her show, it didn't show.