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Let's just say I've been around and leave it at that.


Born: San Bernardino, CA

I was in the biggest 'riot' in America during the 20th Century.

I was a musician and played guitar in many bands in the 1980's. Among the highlights of that period I opened for GWAR in the band Green Jello and for Bad Religion in a band called The Big F.

Famous people I've met include Eddie Adams, Eddie Money, Tina Turner, Paul Stanley w/ Lisa Hartman, Jello Biafra, Axle Rose, Ian Astbury, Richard Butler and Anthony Kiedis, and El Duce of the Mentors.

I earned a BA in Journalism from SFSU in 1997.

I was an online web reporter/photojournalist when newspaper reporters either sneered at the Internet or scratched their heads.

I went to Burning Man seven times, got some pics from that in Burning Book by Jessica Bruder and am old enough to have seen the Dead Kennedys several times.


The Ohlone people sang that living on the coast was like "dancing on the brink of the world." It still feels something like that, this isolated yet connected California culture. A Psychedelic Furs song says "the beach is backwards, isn't it?" An ocean beach can be considered one of two opposite things: where the land ends and the ocean begins or where the ocean ends and the land begins. This blog is for those who want a view from the brink of the world.